At Imbuko our work ethic is based on the Quality Policy we strive towards:

Our Quality Policy


Proactive thinking – Active Products and Service with a Smile.

Mission Statement

Imbuko Wines envision a Sustainable Wine Company with two core principles of GROWTH and EXCELLENCE as we strive to consistently produce and deliver service to our stakeholders that meet the international standards and requirements, as well as comply with regulatory and statutory regulations.

Imbuko Wines commit to continual improvement of our quality management system and to comply with the requirements as set out by ISO 22000:2005. With our “One-Stop-Shop” philosophy we aspire to enhance stakeholder satisfaction by meeting their varied needs of wine relating products and services and thus committing to outstanding service, optimal production, delivering products on time and the realizing of Imbuko Wines and Bottling’s full potential.

Objectives: Growth and Excellence

  • To maintain and further develop our “Sustainability policy” by committing to the triple bottom line: People, Planet & Profit
  • Personnel training and specialising in certain fields to deliver new and/or better services and
  • Applying new techniques, services and knowledge for continual improvement and customer
    satisfaction and further developing the “One-Stop-Shop” philosophy.
  • To provide the necessary resources and infrastructure for products and service realization
  • To regularly undergo external and internal audit evaluations and use of improved systems,
    products and service to stakeholders.


Theunis B. van Zyl
Managing Director


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