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  • 02 Aug 2016 - Colourful Heritage Day celebrations at Imbuko Wine Farm - An event for the whole family!

    Come and celebrate our Heritage in a fun, colourful and vibrant way this year at Imbuko Wines! On the 24th of September this year in true Imbuko spirit they will be hosting their 6th Annual Imbuko Heritage Day/Braai Day in conjunction with National Heritage day in South Africa!

  • 02 Aug 2016 - Kleurvolle erfenis dag vir die hele familie by Imbuko Wyne in Wellington

    Kom vir jou Erfenis hierdie jaar in a prettige, kleurvolle en jollige manier by Imbuko Wyne. Op die 24ste September hou Imbuko weer hul 6de agtereenvolgende Erfenis Dag/Braai Dag in samewerking met National Erfenis dag in Suid Afrika. Op hierdie dag kom vier Suid-Afrikaners fees om braaivleis vure, ons deel in ons geskiedenis en ons wapper ons vlag met trots

  • 22 Jul 2016 - King Shaka Zulu Pinotage 2015

    One of the country's most important exports, and also hugely popular with local customers, South African wine is today globally recognised and lauded as some of the best available on the planet. The producers, big and small, are rich in heritage and tradition and have been making wine of the utmost quality for generations.

  • 31 May 2016 - Reunion Island

    Imbuko has had some exposure in the newspaper in Reunion compliments of our journalist friend met on the trip Herve. A google translation isn’t great, but here it is nonetheless.

  • 04 May 2016 - Kings Shaka Zulu Wine

    First African wine released to give ode to one of the most respected kings who ever walked on African soil, Shaka Zulu. The Salute "Bayede!" was shouted by King Shaka Zulu to unite the nations, and is still today used to greet His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini Kabhekuzulu.


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