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Kings Shaka Zulu Wine

Shaka Zulu PinotageFirst African wine released to give ode to one of the most respected kings who ever walked on African soil, Shaka Zulu.

The Salute "Bayede!" was shouted by King Shaka Zulu to unite the nations, and is still today used to greet His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini Kabhekuzulu. The Shaka Zulu brand was developed to unite the nations in an effort to create sustainable jobs.

The beadwork around the neck of the bottle is made by women in rural areas. The Royal Zulu household is the beneficial endorser of this wine that represents the richness and variety of Africa in a Simple yet Elegant Style. Few kings of any culture have matched the rise and accomplishment of Shaka Zulu, the founder of the modern Zulu kingdom in South Africa. For his relatively short life of roughly 41 years, Shaka Zulu united many of the Nguni people of the north and incorporated the Mtetwa Paramountcy and the Ndwandwe into his kingdom. His holdings expanded from the Phongolo to the Mzimkhulu Rivers. With his overall vision and statesmanship Shaka played a major role in South Africa history.

Shaka Zulu Chenin BlancThe wine is proudly produced & bottled by Imbuko Wines which is situated on the farm Uitkyk, near Wellington in the heart of the Boland Winelands. Co-founder and Managing Director Theunis van Zyl has been part of the wine industry for more than 20 years.  Imbuko, meaning “Admiration for…..” in Xhosa, which serves as one of South Africa’s eleven official languages and the native tongue of our most famous citizen, Nelson Mandela. The company has developed from its humble roots as a bulk wine supplier to a reckoned force supplying various wine products and service to the fast moving wine industry.

Imbuko Wines are committed to being accountable South Africa citizen with heir sustainability plan focusing on the triple bottom, People, Planet & Profit. With their BEE accreditation, Imbuko promotes Black Economic Empower in South Africa. Imbuko is also ISO9001 accredited, emphasizing the importance of delivery a quality product and currently  in the final stages of attaining their ISO22000 accreditation for International Food Safety Standards.

The Shaka Zulu selection boasts of two varietals, a Pinotage and a Chenin Blanc. The Chenin Blanc is an unwooded, off-dry wine has a soft green appearance. It is fresh, fruity and soft drinking with a tropical bouquet and golden delicious apple whiffs. A zesty wine with a refreshingly crisp finish.

The Pinotage is an elegant, deep red wine with plum and mulberry tones. This well balanced wine encompasses red berry aromas with ripe banana combined with hints of delicious spicy vanilla, leading to a most pleasant finish.

The Shaka Zulu Wine Selection will be launched at VinExpo 2016 which takes place in Hong Kong from the 24th until the 26th of May.

Both Imbuko Wines and Einig Zen Zen will be present at the Expo and visitors can visit them at their stands:

Imbuko Wines - L1: C82

Einig Zen Zen - L1: EF32-12

Shaka Zulu is not just a wine; it is a reflection of 200 years of tradition and excellence.

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