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Reunion Island

Arthur Lamoly de- boat of its morning stage of 55 kilometers in rainy and windy Friday as has been virtually the entire race Thursday to Saturday. The second of the four stages of the first edition of the Mauritian Beachcomber Tour (MTB). Maillot and faces crot- expensive, cycling shoes on the feet, the rider of the EVC is in search of his room keys to afford a well-deserved shower. Between the sixties Germans couples celebrating their 30 years of marriage, the hostesses of Fly Emirates stopover and English honeymoon recovering from a drunken night, the St. Rosien saunters the restaurant is installed breakfast.


A scene may seem incongruous at Shandrani, hos- as 5 star is based MTB, where some paintings of tents for participants Nature really blow in the huge park of the establishment. But that tends to become rather common on Island Sister for four or five years. Since the hoteliers have rushed into this niche that is sport-na- ture, offering affordable early sev- race with perks 5 stars, combining vacation and competition. There were already UTRB, Royal Raid or Dodo Trail for jogging. ATV side we knew Omnicane Southern Tropical Challenge - Lux became the Southern Tropical Challenge - for a few years and the Coast to Coast. There des- ormais the MTB, which like the other hotel group with the wand placed on the sport- leisure to fulfill his chambers-peak. Not to look after its customers. "We want to combine the two, ex- plains Arianne Devienne- Bellepeau, responsible for the organization within the Beachcomber hotel group. There is a real niche. We begin to put it and I think we have the expertise as the structure. "


The animation, the DJ, the film chronological but also cared communication around the event testify. As PC disposed at the edge of hole number 4 of the Shandrani Golf Course, with beautiful ocean views and a tent bédoin nent importance and a buffet served by chefs toque. Despite the time, sev- old and windy during the three days, despite - only
Between sport and leisure, Mauritius occupies a flourishing niche. After the trail, the mountain bike that develops speed Grand V, including the MTB. (Xavier Koenig / Blastoff Creative)
51 runners, including 12 islanders were from the first edition of the MTB, Mauritius.

They saw it big!

Despite the inclement weather and the points still to improve, as the course or markup, everyone enjoyed the first edition of the MTB.
ment - 51 enrolled, 12 of Reunion, the dishes were actually put in large, in proportions that seemed sures- timées for such dis- influence. Whatever, the MTB is only taking its brands while she called to grow in the coming years. This first edition was a shot mark for the future. "We will do things in the long term," says Arianne Devienne-Bellepeau.
In sporting terms as touristic. During the year zero, the headliners were the Mauritian Yannick Lincoln, the Holy Louisien Mathieu Desserprit, South African Christopher Wolhuter en- core or the Dionysian Gergory Jersey. The first, in preparation for the Rio Games, they will compete in mountain biking, has im- posed quietly after nearly 200 kilometers in total for about 2800 m of elevation gain on a rolling path between the paths, the cane fields and roads.

Taking advantage of the referral error of two cities on the first day (an area for improvement for the race), while the last named to give up hope after a puncture during the stage pleasant nocturnal Friday evening. But all have appreciated the conditions of reception of a self-proclaimed 5-star race that should settle permanently in the landscape of the area, with a sporting level promised to go crescendo

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