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Dr Fiona Jacobsohn Comments on Imbuko Pinotage
Iswithi Pinotage

Good Morning to all at Imbuko

This is just a quick email to commend your farm on producing one of the most fantastic pinotages I or my partner have ever tasted.

This wine came across my palate by pure chance. I am a very informed wine consumer, however the pinotage cultivar has never really impressed my palate much. My partner was convinced that he had a pinotage that he was sure I would love, and much to my surprise. I  DID! The Imbuko Pinotage is the only pinotage that I will allow pass my lips without an ounce of hesitation.

For almost 5 years, whilst studying at Varsity, I was a wine promoter and grew to love my wines but have never come across such an easy drinking, refreshing pinotage that caught my attention quite like Imbuko did.

All I can say to you is thank you for taking a grape with so much potential and bottling it with the unique style that you have. It will forever remain a favourite of mine and since I have found your stockist in Jo’burg, will now always be in my wine cellar.

Many thanks

Dr. Fiona Jacobsohn
NHC Bryanston